Know Who's Overseeing Your Security

Learn about each member of our team in Walnut, CA

As a business owner, government official or celebrity, you probably take security very seriously. That's why you shouldn't hire just any company to provide your security detail. To make sure you, your loved ones and your staff are in good hands, hire Abet Security Services to handle all your security needs in Walnut, CA.

Before you hire us, check out our security team's qualifications. We look forward to telling you exactly why we're the best team for your job. And when you're ready to schedule security services, call 909-839-2990 ASAP.

Chief Executive Officer

Rosa Chavez

Rosa Chavez Co-Founded Abet Security Services over 20 years ago. As Chief Executive Officer of Abet Security Services Inc, she has ample experience running the day to day operations. Rosa Chavez has 18 years experience running a business in the private security industry. As MBE/WBE Minority Business Enterprise, Her goal is to be a role model for all women in the private security industry.

President of Operations

Raul Perez

Raul Perez is the president and founder of Abet Security Services, Inc. attended the Rio Hondo Police Academy program 832 power of arrest in 1991. Where he then became CEO of Inter City Protection Inc.. With the skills attained from being CEO he then established his own security firm, Abet Security Services Inc. With the goal of expanding into different fields of protection, Mr. Perez attended the Universal K-9 academy with the Florida police Dept. He trained alongside Cameron and Kelly Ford, Master K-9 Trainers. Raul Perez then became a certified K-9 handler and trainer in 2006. He trained alongside with Patton State Prison as well as other Police Agencies. Mr. Perez also founded a youth drug prevention program called Parents In Charge in 2006. This program allows parents the opportunity to hire a K-9 service if they feel their child is affiliated with drugs.

G.T.M.S Manager

Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez attended Cal State Fullerton with an interest in business, he has been with Abet Security Services for ten years. Starting as a security officer and working his way up to operations manager, Aaron now works alongside the city of Los Angeles security services Div. Monitoring all of Abet Security's employee activities. His experience in the field has allowed him to understand clients' needs better. Aaron has shown great leadership and understands what it takes to run a family-owned business.

Officer Manager

Stephanie Canal

Stephanie Canal has 7 years of experience in the field of office management. She handles all day-to-day internal office needs. As an active volunteer, student, mother, and wife of a Marine, she strives to continue her business experience and apply her knowledge. She is currently fulfilling her Degree in Business. She works alongside Aaron Perez to exceed our clients' needs. Her work ethic and expertise significantly add to Abet Security Services, Inc.